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Please find below articles I have written for various magazines and publications.

September 10, 2012     A huge stumbling block that keeps us in the polarity of good-guys -- bad-guys scenarios is the difficulty of forgiving. Sandy offers her perspective on the importance of "letting-go" and choosing to respond to the snares of our past from a different point of view.

"The Art of Forgiveness", by Sandy Brewer PhD

April 21, 2012     "The Eyes of Love", by Sandy Brewer PhD

April 2012     "Does Your Story Run Your Life? ", by Sandy Brewer PhD

March, 2012     "Four Steps for Empowering Change", by Sandy Brewer

January 21, 2008     "The Rose Within", by Sandy Brewer
Written for The Voice of Choices Magazine

January 03, 2008     "The Secret of the Rose", by Sandy Brewer